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In the present testing business condition, it is basic that IT heads discover arrangements that can help bring down capital costs, drive cost down but then enhance IT adequacy. Distributed computing speaks to a mind boggling opportunity. Nonetheless, it additionally implies a critical makeover of your present IT office, tasks, assets, IT framework, datacenter and programming models. Through business development, compression, spinoffs, mergers and acquisitions, your IT condition has turned out to be progressively unpredictable. This multifaceted nature drives up expense and brings down efficiency, truly impacts business intensity.

Novaya has helped a few vast and medium ventures, over the globe, to plan or start IT office productivity, union, and additionally systems in their Cloud Migration venture. Our customers can infer new bits of knowledge and furnish better client encounters with enhanced business readiness in the Cloud.

Office 365 Consulting
& Migration

Online Development

Azure Consulting

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Services Overview

Working directly with clients, Novaya has become a Cloud Computing Services Provider of choice. We approach our clients unique needs through our portfolio of cloud services

Cloud Computing Consulting

Get a complete roadmap to your cloud migration journey

Infrastructure as a service

Optimize resource utilization and speed up IT responsiveness

Platform as a service

Achieve faster results without huge investment in software or hardware

Software as a service

Greater productivity with lesser cost, time and efforts

Cloud Migration

Achieve new level of security, agility and efficiency with Cloud Migration

Cloud Integration and Testing

Unify cloud sources under a common business landscape and test the performance of your web applications

Why Choose Novaya for Cloud Computing

  • We offer flexible engagement models for our clients
  • You can get independently verified customer reviews
  • We develop user-friendly, all browser and all devices compatible websites
  • Our project solutions offer seamless integration with other codes and APIs
  • You are bound to get the best value for money with us

Features and Benefits

Distributed computing administrations are changing how organizations and open foundations use data innovation. Today cloud administrations are accessible to meet most any IT require. In spite of the fact that there's extraordinary assortment among distributed computing administrations, every single such administration share certain essential highlights and advantages for all intents and purpose, and all can be classified into a couple of fundamental cloud benefit types.

By now most people have heard about cloud computing services, but what does cloud mean? While cloud services may vary in their particulars, a cloud computing definition identifies the core features and benefits that are common across all clouds.

Hosted and Maintained by the Provider

The cloud hosting provider purchases, hosts, and maintains the necessary hardware and software in their own facility. Service users avoid the capital expenditures and maintenance headaches that they would have if they developed the service themselves on-premise.

Self-Service through a Web Interface

Service users can initiate specific service functions, and increase or decrease their service usage level, though a web interface with little or no interaction with the service provider.

Pay for Use

Administration clients pay just for the measure of administration that they use. This can result in generous cost reserve funds contrasted with the customary methodology of creating nearby IT limits intended for most extreme use situations, and afterward having that limit be under-used a great part of the time.

Near-Limitless Scalability

Cloud computing services providers typically have the infrastructure to deliver their service at massive scale. For cloud service users, that means that the cloud can easily accommodate business growth or periodic spikes in service usage.



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