Custom Software Development Services

From custom software development with the latest tech to automated quality assurance, you get all types of software development services to help you build, sustain, and modernise enterprise software — as well as our extensive 5-year expertise in building IT solutions.

Every business requires a unique approach to software, demanding solutions that are catered to its particular business objectives and corporate organizational structure. Novaya provides software development services to organizations of any size, leveraging the latest developments in tech to bring your business the software it needs to succeed.

Our team can provide a wide range of mobile, web, desktop and enterprise software technology expertise across all major development environments, frameworks and platforms

Accelerate release

Bring software products to market months ahead of the competition by promptly building highly efficient teams. Stay in full control or focus on core business activities while we manage the entire product life cycle.

Expand your team

Our developers, team leads, project managers, or QA engineers can work as an extension of your engineering team either at your office or remotely.

Cut costs

Deliver a high-quality product at a reasonable price. Maximize ROI with balanced team structure, cross-platform development, modular architectures, etc.
Product Development

We offer custom software development and consulting services to help you pull off your next project with less stress & cost.

Mobile Application Development

Develop powerful, highly usable mobile apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce your brand.

Quality Assurance

We use Quality Assurance to start with the testing quality of the product.

Automated Mobile App Testing

Utilize our test automation services to release faster without sacrificing quality.


We use UX design to answer challenging problems and find opportunities to go beyond initial thinking.

Turnkey Solutions

Get room to focus on strategic business growth by cutting on development costs and outplay your rivals.

Augmented Scrum Teams

Our Team Augmentation solution helps you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.

Cloud Computing

We offer Cloud Computing services to help you start your next project with less stress & cost.

Software Project Rescue

We offer Software Project Rescue services to help get started with your next project with less stress & cost.


Novaya helps to get Database services and build opportunities to go beyond initial thinking.

Content Management

Get room to focus on strategic business growth by cutting on development costs and outplay your rivals.

Agile Project Management Services

Get room to focus on strategic business growth by cutting on development costs and outplay your rivals.

Building software that matters.

Solve your project’s problems with our Dedicated Teams services, build a mobile app that ticks all boxes, finish the digital transformation with our spot-on IT consulting. Novaya's software development services use the latest tech to help you reach your IT objectives within today’s demanding timeframes.

We take care of your resource needs and allows you to focus on your operations

We take pride in handling complex projects and helping our clients define how to best utilize their product/application to answer its business objective. Throw everything you have at us, and our experts will make a solution which is sustainable, scalable and flexible to be altered as your business grows.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is aimed towards growth. Our team works hard to help the clients get result-oriented solutions that help them stay ahead in the competition.

Our People

We hire the most talented professionals at Novaya and train them in the latest techniques to deliver future-ready software solutions to clients.

Our Expertise

We excel at delivering solutions that drive results and profits for an organization. Our team provides robust and scalable business solutions.

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