UI/UX Design

At Novaya, we make Innovative Designs and give a Unique Brand Image

We represent considerable authority in UI/UX design that enables our client capture attention across all major platforms. Our UI/UX web design enable your business to achieve millions of global clients. Our team has confidence in making inventive UI/UX designs. Our designs enable our clients to impart and maintain their business better.

A good UI/UX design makes effective and satisfactory website interactions between a consumer and an organization's products /services. The success of any mobile app or website can depend on how our UI / UX design and functionalities are portrayed to the client. A unique UI/UX design needs the correct mix of a great user experience with creative and eye-catching elements to increase traffic, maintenance, and ROI. We make your UI/UX design project a lovely and fruitful experience.

We specialize in UI/UX design that helps our client capture attention across all major platforms.

Why do you need UI / UX design?

We give your Business a breath of fresh air! We make Innovative Designs and give a Unique Brand Image.

Make it Easy

Simplicity is deliberately including. The UI/UX design and visual elements exhibit our site's purpose and individuals ought to comprehend its purpose.

Proper Page Layout

Designing an appropriate page layout forms a basic element of user experience design. When a website is designed, we give careful consideration to the page layout format.

Shorter Loading Time

A longer loading time is one of the first turn-offs.4sec of wait time forms a noteworthy feature of an exceptional UI/UX design that website designers should remember.

Focus on the Experience

A site makes esteem when individuals think that its valuable. UI/UX designers focus around making the page valuable as well as pleasant to use – subsequently making sites clients need to experience.

Great UI/UX Visual Impact

We Impact the visual senses of our target audience & hence we need an outstanding UI/UX design. For online business, the look & feel form a major part of the business.

Great Graphical Content

An outstanding UI/UX design is one - when the visitor does not find any difficulty while using or working on the particular website - a beautiful and stunning website.

Why Choose Novaya for UI/UX Design?

  • Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Email
  • Custom application development projects at competitive prices
  • Flexible hiring model for Smart, efficient and diligent workforce
  • We strictly follow Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete and Intellectual Property Agreement
  • 95% on-time delivery and regular project reporting
  • Hire experienced & qualified professionals

Information Architecture Planning

Information Architecture Planning is about sensibly sorting out data of a system, to such an extent that it is easy to understand, instinctive, and reliable. Our UX designers team architects the system with the end goal that it empowers the clients to effortlessly and rapidly find what they are searching for.

User Roadmap Design (Interaction Design)

An interaction is a communication between a user and your systems through the interface. Our UX design specialists are knowledgeable in distinguishing such interactions and making a guide of the system that is steady with the information architecture, information flow, clients' expectations and your business objectives.

Wireframe Designing

When the information architecture and roadmap design are prepared, the following stage is to envision how the system, application or a site would resemble. This can be accomplished utilizing a prototype or an outline which is known as Wireframes. Our UX designers are knowledgeable about designing the wireframes which help to guarantee that the correct information is exhibited in the correct way and at the right place.

Graphics (Visual Design)

Look-n-feel of a system is an equally important aspect, along with the well-organized information architect and roadmap design. Graphics emphasize on the aesthetics of a system which includes color and contrast, styles, fonts, images, navigation, animation, and many other design elements. In terms of websites, it is a critical element to attract as well as retain the visitors and increases conversion. Our UX designers create alluring graphics as per customers’ requirements and branding.

Frontend Development

Frontend development is the process of converting the design into a working system. Our frontend developers are expert in coding technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and industry standards. With our years of experience, we ensure that the system works exactly as per the information architect and roadmaps

User Testing

Once the system is developed it is important to ensure it is accepted by the users and that it performs as intended. At Novaya, User Testing is a prerequisite step before releasing a system, and we conduct it with different users, obtain feedbacks to understand their views and identify scope for improvements.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Exceptional Focus

Do what you excel at - keeping up your business — and let our tech bunch manage the rest. Reliably we will show to you what we've been up to by issuing status reports.

Market Agility

Our tech group stays up-to-date with the rapidly evolving marketplace by quickly responding to trends and shifts in culture. They adapt and advance very quickly.

Assured Output

Remove the mystery from execution and rest guaranteed that due dates will be met, correspondence will be replied, and results will be accomplished.

Remote Tracking

Track projects from start to finish. Requirements and following stages are clear, so you can shoot for the moon and get there.



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